Filter Cartridges, Filters & Filtration Systems

Filtration – Vent Mist Eliminators

The following products are made in the USA:

Ceramic Membrane

Ceramic Membrane Crossflow

The Ceramic Membrane Filtration System utilizes high-velocity fluid “crossflow” across the face of the membrane.
The oil-free water passes through the ceramic membrane while the oily waste is concentrated in a process reservoir.

Applications: Well-suited for multiple microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications.
Processes fluid streams such as industrial laundry, aqueous wash solutions, catalyst stream recovery, and solvent reclamation.

EHC Fluid Conditioning

EHC Fluid Conditioning System

A rugged yet affordable solution for small filtration systems or portable filter carts.
This system can provide treatment by utilizing Selexsorb, fuller’s earth, activated alumina, or ion exchange cartridges.

Applications: Reduces acid and removes water and particles from synthetic EHC fluids.

High Pressure Coolant

High Pressure Coolant Delivery

This high pressure coolant delivery system achieves excellent results with a full range of material, including exotic alloys.
Proper filtration eliminates plugging and erosion of the coolant pathway, cutting down on maintenance demands and misalignment of the tool and holder mate surfaces.

Applications: Works well in turning, drilling, boring, and milling operations.

Load Tap Changer

Load Tap Changer
Filtration systems for the utility industry to clean up LTC oil compartments.
Dryer filters remove free water as well as particulate down to 1 micron ensuring that the contacts in the LTC always operate in oil that is at its prime dielectric strength.

Applications: Filtration systems for the utility industry to clean up LTC oil compartments as well as transformer load tap changers (LTC).

Lube Oil Conditioning

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Conditioning

Acid reduction of synthetic lubrication fluids is important for proper maintenance of pumps and bearings.
Historically, fuller’s earth and activated alumina have been and continue to be specified to neutralize the acid.
The use of Selexsorb and ion exchange technology is also being used for fluids with additives.

Applications: Rotating equipment manufacturers, lube, hydraulic, and EHC systems.

Machine Tool Coolant

Machine Tool Coolant

The Machine Tool Coolant Recyler quickly and efficiently removes tramp oil and metal fines and other particulate matter and restores coolant to like-new condition.
This portable unit cleans both water-based and synthetic machine tool coolants.

Applications: All chip forming operations that utilize water base coolants; also well-suited for turning, drilling, boring and milling operations

Vent Mist Eliminator

Vent Mist Eliminator/Oil Mist Eliminator removes visible oil vapor from the air stream of vents
in lubricating oil systems.
It prevents oil mist from contaminating air or
soil and eliminates oil residue build-up on engine room floors, enclosures, and stairwells.

Filter Cartridges

The following products are made in the USA:

Adsorbent ET Cartridges

Adsorbent ET Cartridges

Hilite-E Ion Exchange Cartridge line is based on the existing filled cartridges.
Instead of an activated adsorbent, the cartridge canister is filled with a dust-free ion exchange resin specifically selected for acid reduction.
Life between changeouts can be many times greater than activated adsorbents.

Applications: Phosphate ester lube and hydraulic oil, phosphate ester lube and hydraulic oil,
compressor lube oil, and transformer insulating oil.

Adsorbent HT Cartridges

Adsorbent HT CartridgesHilite™ Fullers’ Earth Cartridges feature a high-grade calcined fullers’ earth media which is superior because of its greater water resistance.
They provide a combination of neutralization and adsorption to remove acids, gums and other oxidation products to restore TAN and color.Applications: Ideal for acid reduction for petroleum-based transformer and turbine lube oils, as well as reclaiming solvents,
mineral oils, insulating oils, and heat transfer fluids.

Cartridges Bag

HP Synthetic High Pressure

HP Synthetic High Pressure Cartridges

High-pressure hydraulic cartridges are engineered for 2000 PSI pressure.
The ability to withstand high pressure permits placement in the high-pressure circuit to protect sensitive hydraulic components.
Contains micro-glass filter media between protective screens.

Applications: High-pressure hydraulic oil systems.

O-ring Sealed 718-736

O-ring Sealed 718/736 Cartridges

These cartridges feature a high-capacity deep pleat structure with an o-ring seal design.
The o-ring design eliminates potential by-pass leakage.
Microglass filter media is sandwiched between two protective layers of Nylon media,
then supported with an inner and outer layer of epoxy-coated steel screen.

Applications: Lube, seal, or hydraulic oils used in turbines, engines, and compressors,
as well as water and water-based fluids.

PD Hilsorb Cartridges

PD Hilsorb Cartridges

Hilsorb Dryer Cartridges quickly and effectively remove solid and water contaminants from hydraulic, lube and insulating oils.
The PD cartridge is made with a patented four-ply construction and is available in two efficiency ratings.

Applications: Insulating oils, hydraulic oils, lube, and fuel oils.

PH Pleated Synthetic

Pleated Cartridges for Bag Filter Vessels

Hilco’s high-performance line of pleated bag filter cartridges are intended
to increase the filtration efficiency of existing bag filter housings, while reducing the associated costs of frequent bag change-outs.

Applications: Synthetic filter media facilitates usage in a variety of fluid applications.

Pleated Screen

Pleated Screen

The pleated strainer basket contains 3.7 times the area of a plain, cylindrical basket.
Features inside-out flow and can easily be cleaned by hosing off in a part washing tank,
or with steam or a high-pressure water jet (car wash type).
Applications: Recommended for high solids applications. Typical applications include very dirty lube oils,
heavy fuels, fuels with catalyst fines, machine tool coolants and cooling or process water.

Stacked Disc Cartridges

These specially designed stacked disc cartridges provide protection at high pressure differentials brought on by cold starts and high viscosities.
The stacked cellulose paper discs with labyrinth oil channels also provide depth filtration and high dirt-holding capacity.

Applications: Diesel gas engine lubes, quench oils, EDM coolants, lube oils, and hydraulic oils.

PL Pleated Paper Cartridges

These efficient filter cartridges feature three filtration layers:
outer cellulose-media layer for coarse filtration , an intermediate glass-media for microfiltration,
and an inner cellulose-media layer for added support.

Disposable cartridges feature molded urethane ends on various sizes.
Plated metal end caps are also available with controlled radius pleats to maximize useable filtration area.

Applications: Refrigeration compressors (lube and coolant), gas turbines, centrifugal lubricated couplings,
high-pressure fluid filtration, and test stands.

Filters & Filtration Systems

The following products are made in Europe:

Duplex Filters

Variety of standard duplex filters which join two identical filter vessels by means of an integral transfer valve.
Continuous filtration during cartridge changeout is easily accomplished by redirecting fluid flow to the standby vessel.

Applications: Turbine or engine-driven-machinery filtration

Filter Housings

A wide variety of models are available, most of carbon steel construction, with some available in 316 stainless steel.
Whatever a customer’s needs, Hilliard can fit the bill with a stock filter housing, or custom design.

Applications: Removing pipe scale, dirt, and other contaminants from water, chemical, and petroleum products.

Gas Filter

Dry Seal Gas Integral Duplex Filters simplify piping and operation of the duplex filter arrangement.
Duplex housings incorporate valves and filters into one assembly.
gaseous fuel filters are available in simplex design and in duplex arrangements for continuous operation.
The filters are specifically designed for gas turbine systems with high pressure, high flow rate, and minimal dirt load.
Applications: Gas coalescing, particulate removal, compressors, turbines

Gearbox Filtration System

The HP4B-HV is designed specifically to filter heavy gearbox fluids to reduce maintenance costs and increase time between maintenance intervals.
Contaminants are removed from the gearbox; the heavy-duty ¾ HP continuous-duty motor can handle oil viscosities up to 3000 SSU.

Applications: Gearboxes

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Filter

Variety of standard duplex filters which join two identical filter vessels by means of an integral transfer valve.
Continuous filtration during cartridge changeout is easily accomplished by redirecting fluid flow to the standby vessel.

Applications: Turbine or engine-driven-machinery filtration

Oil Filter

Series filter vessels permit full-flow or off-line filtration of fluids at working pressures to 100 PSI and flow rates to 25 GPM.
Effectively filters hydrocarbon oils, synthetic lubricants and solvents used as fuel, lube, seal, hydraulic, heat transfer and insulating oils.

Applications: Hydraulic systems, diesel and gas engines, turbines, machine tools, compressors and vacuum pumps.

Portable Filters

Portable Filters offer reliable, convenient-to-use, off-line filtration that permit industrial fluid reuse and help keep equipment clean.
Filters are ideal for reservoirs and batch filtration of fluids where one mobile filter can serve many work stations.

Applications: The Hilco Portable Filters are used to condition synthetic lubricating hydraulic fluids.

Transfer Valves

Transfer Valves assure positive sealing for uninterrupted flow and a low pressure drop.
They feature a spring-loaded pad and shaft design with large cross-section o-ring seals.
The turning mechanism features a choice of handle, wormgear, or actuator designs to meet your requirements.

Applications: Duplex filters, duplex heat exchangers, compressor lube and seal oil, fuel oil, water, chemical applications.

Pressure Filters

The Filter is composed of a pressure tank containing the filtering elements and the washing device or dry cake removal system.
The filtering elements are vertically mounted cloth covered plates in Stainless Steel/Titanium/PVC/PE/PP (so called leaves) or special candles (made in plastic materials or stainless steel).

Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

Dry type: The cake is removed by means of a high frequency vibrating system and is drained through the outlet flanged connection located on the bottom.

Wet type: The cake is removed by means of spray jets mounted on a horizontal oscillating device with variable speed. The device cleans the whole filtering surface with strong blade jets.

Candle Pressure Filters

The Candle Pressure Filters are suited for applications requiring a high flow rate per unit area with quick cleaning features.

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters

The Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filters are an efficient system for Solid-Liquid separation where a high filtration surface is required. Easy to operate and maintain, they are essentially composed of filtering elements and cleaning devices installed in a pressure tank.

CPI Separator

Corrugated Plate Interceptor – allows the separation in the oily water treatment of the suspended solids and of the oil globules from water by gravity separation principle that is based on the difference of specific gravity between the phases (oil, solid, water).

Roller Discharge Filters

They are essentially composed of a rotating drum, vacuum distributing system, tank, oscillating agitator and “cake” discharge device.

Solid Water Treatment Package

We developed a Solid-Liquid Separation System to optimize the plant configuration in order to achieve a competitive solution, suitable to make the transportation and installation process more economical, and to provide benefits for the operating and maintenance activities.


Flotators are one of the most efficient systems for the continuous removal of oil and suspended solids from water, when elevated flow rates are involved and high separation performances are required.
Tecniplant is specialized in the design, engineering and construction of Impeller and Injector Flotators for oil-liquid separation (IAF, IGF, IDF, EDF)

Packaged Systems: Onshore

Packaged Systems: Offshore & Subsea

String Discharge Filters

A system of thin strings is shrouded around the drum which, together with the filtration cloth, develops out through rollers and returns to the drum once more after discharge.

Pre-Coat Filters

This filter typology is extensively applied in the treatment of slurries containing few solids or solids with physical and chemical characteristics which can quickly or definitively clog the filtration septum.

Belt Discharge Filters

This filter is suitable for treating slurries with sticky solids which are difficult to discharge.

Knife Discharge Filters

They are essentially composed of a rotating drum, vacuum distributing system, tank, oscillating agitator and “cake” discharge device.

API Separator

These separators treat and remove about 80% of the free oil from oily-water with more than 150 µm of particle size dimension.

Oily Water Treatment Package

Oily Water package is designed to separate a huge amounts of oil and suspended solids from the wastewater effluents of oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and other industrial sources.