Instruments, Connections & Compensators

Instruments, Connections & Compensators

The following products are made in Europe:

Pressure Gauges


Pressure Switches

Diaphragm Seals


Pressure Transmitters


Restriction Orifice Plates


Orifice Assemblies

Flow Nozzle


Venturi Tube


Valves & Manifold







Resistance Temperature Detector


Transparent Level Gauge


Tubular Level Gauge


Tubular Level Gauge


Adjustable Pressure Gauge Snubber


Annular Corrugated (Hydro or Mechanically) Hose


Helically Corrugated Hose


Interlocked Hose


Convoluted PTFE with Helical Corrugations


Strip Wrapped Flexible Hoses


Flexible Hoses in Special Execution




Expansion Joints and Bellows


Bulkhead Union

Orifice Plates

Orifice Assemblies

Orifice Plate Assemblies with RTF Holder

Restriction Orifice

Integral Meter Run Assembly

Meter Runs

Flow Nozzles

Venturi Tubes

Averaging Pitot Tube

Bulkhead Reducing Union

Bulkhead Male Connector

Male Branch Tee

Female Elbow

Coupling Cap

Liquid Level Gauge

Tubular Level Gauge

Magnetic Level Gauge

Level Switch Direct Insert Float Operated

Level Switch External Cage Chamber

Level Switch Top Mounted Float Operated

Level Switch Top Mounted Displacer Operated

Flame Arrestor

Breather Valve

Bulkhead Elbow

Back Ferrule

Coupling Cap (nuts)

Front Ferrule

Fitting End Closure

Tube End Closure


Reducing Union

Bulkhead Reducing Union

Bulkhead Union

Union Elbow

Bulkhead Elbow

Union Tee

Union Cross

Male Connector

O Seal Male Connector

  • Cooling Tower
  • Tube End Closure
  • Flushing Rings
  • Reducing Union
  • Union Cross
  • Male Connector
  • O Seal Male Connector
  • Male Elbow
  • Mineral Insulated Cables
  • Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
  • Special Assemblies
  • Mineral Insulated Thickwall Thermocouple
  • Mineral Insulated Tube Skin Thermocouple Assembly
  • Retractable Type Tube Skin Thermocouples
  • Multipoint Thermocouple Assembly
  • Mineral Insulated RTD
  • Nickel Wire Mineral Insulated RTD
  • Temperature Element Assembly
  • Thermocouple / RTD with Local Indication
  • Temperature Transmitter
  • Precision Industrial RTD
  • Thermowells
  • Special Thermowells
  • Bourdon Sensing Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure / DP Gauge with External Zero Adjustment
  • Safety Pattern Solid Front Pressure Gauge
  • Capsule Sending Pressure Gauge
  • Diaphragm Sensing Pressure Gauge
  • Receiver Gauge
  • Reducing Union Tee
  • Bulkhead Male Connector
  • Male Branch Tee
  • Female Elbow
  • Transparent Level Gauge
  • Reflex Level Gauge
  • Absolute Pressure Gauge
  • Master Pressure Gauge
  • Indicating Pressure Gauge
  • Indicating Low Range Pressure Switch
  • Hygiene Gauge
  • Bourdon Sensing Pressure Gauge 40-50-63
  • Mud Gauge
  • Diaphragm Seals
  • Holding Ring Type Flow Nozzle
  • Flanged Type Flow Nozzle
  • Weld-in Type Flow Nozzle
  • Flanged Type Throat-Tap Flow Nozzle
  • Jacketed Venturi
  • Venturi Nozzle
  • Venturi Tube
  • Eccentric Venturi
  • Rectangular Venturi
  • Aerofoil
  • Condensate Pots
  • Conditioning Plate and Flow Straigthener
  • Bimetal Dial Thermometer
  • Liquid Filled Dial Thermometer
  • Gas Filled Dial Thermometer
  • Indicating Temperature Switch
  • Bar Stock Threaded Thermowell
  • Bar Stock Weld In Thermowell
  • Bar Stock Flanged Thermowell
  • Fabricated Weld In Thermowell
  • Fabricated Threaded Thermowell
  • Tubular Level Gauge
  • Magnetic Level Gauges and Level Transmitter
  • Float and Tape Level Gauges
  • Chambers for Guided Wave Radar
  • Displacer Type Level Transmitter
  • Flow Switches
  • Fabricated Flanged Thermowell
  • Special Thermowells (Van Stone Type)
  • Special Thermowells (Sleeved / Lined Type)
  • Pressure Switch with Sensor of Diaphragm
  • Pressure Switch with Weather proof Aluminum Enclosure
  • Pressure Switch with Weather proof SS Enclosure
  • Pressure Switch with Flame proof Aluminum Enclosure
  • Differential Pressure Switch with Flame proof Aluminum Enclosure
  • Pressure Switch with External Setting
  • Differential Pressure Switch with External Setting
  • Male x Female End
  • Female x Female End
  • Two Valve Manifold
  • Gauge Cocks
  • Three Valve Manifold
  • Five Valve Manifold
  • 45 Degree Male Elbow
  • 45 Degree Positionable Male Elbow
  • Positionable Male Elbow
  • Male Run Tee
  • Positionable Male Run Tee
  • Positionable Branch Tee
  • Female Connector
  • Female Manometer Connector
  • Bulkhead Female Connector
  • Female Run Tee
  • Female Branch Tee
  • Male Adapter
  • O Seal Male Adapter
  • Direct Insert Type Level Switches
  • External Chamber Type Level Switches
  • Multiport Level Top mounted Level Switches
  • Displacer Type Level Switches
  • Sight Flow Indicators