Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

The following products are made in Europe:

Feed water heaters (HP/LP) | Deaerators & Storage Tanks | All TEMA-Type Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers | Multi-tube, Double-Pipe, Hair-Pin Types H.E. | Breech-Lock Closure Type H.E. | Waste Heat Boilers | Super-Heater | Re-Heater banks & Economizer banks for Steam Generators | Steam Drums | Reactors | Pressure Vessels & Reactors, Columns & Towers | Pressure Shell & Tupe Heat Exchangers | Steam Condensers | SRU (Sulphur Recovery Units)

Dn 36” ANSI 900 with Electric Actuator

High Pressure Cladded Vessel

High Pressure vessel

Pressure Equipment CDHDS Columns

Subsea Dn 16” ANSI 900 with Hydraulic Actuator


Amine Regenerating Boiler

amine regenerating boiler

Breech Lock Closure Type

breech lock closure type h.e.

Combined Feed Effluent EX

combined feed effluent ex

Diesel Stripper Boiler

diesel stripper boiler

Feedwater Electrical Heater

feedwater electrical heater



Flare Knockout Drum

flare knockout drum

Fractionator Feed Bottoms Exchanger

fractionator feed bottoms exchanger

High Pressure Feedwater Heater

HP Feedwater Heater

Low Pressure Feedwater Heater

LP feedwater heater

Steam Drum

steam drum

Low Pressure Steam Evaporator

lp steam evaporator

Storage Tank

storage tank

Waste Heat Boiler

waste heat boiler

Booster Compression Suction Scrubber

booster compression suction scrubber

1st Stage Suction K.O. Drum

1st stage suction ko drum

Caustic Settler Separator

caustic settler separator

CDHDS Column

cdhds column

CO2 Compressor 1st Stage Suction Scrubbers

co2 compressor 1 stage suction scrubbers

Column Stripper

column stripper

Combined Feed Effluent Heat Exchanger

combined feed effluent heat exchanger

Compressor Suction Drum

compressor suction drum

Fuel Gas Scrubber

fuel gas scrubber

H2S Column Stripper

h2s column stripper

Hot Separator

hot separator

HP / MP K.O. Drum

HP_MP K.O. Drum

Inlet Dehydration Separators

inlet dehydration separators

Oil Flash Drum

ipri oil flash drum

Low Pressure Steam Evaporator

lp steam evaporator

Main Column

main column

MP Compressor Discharge Gas Scrubber

MP compressor discharge gas scrubber

Chlorid Dispersant Reactor

nr 2 chlorid dispersant reactors

Hydrocracking Reactor

nr 2 hydrocracking reactors

Production Separators

nr 15 production separators



Scrubber Compressors

scrubber compressors

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 2200 b

shell and tube heat exchangers e 2200 b
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div.1 – (U-stamp, National Board-NB stamp, R stamp)
  • l  Chinese Code GB150 and GB151 for Level I, II & III Pressure Vessels– (CS Stamp, SELO License certificate for Pressure vessel design and manufacturing)
  • l  Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC (PED) for European market – (CE Mark, Module H)

Stabilizer Column

stabilizer column

We are certified for the Fabrication of Power Boilers & Pressure Vessels according to ASME Section I (S stamp) & Section VIII Division 1 (U stamp) & Division 2 (U2 stamp).

Thermal Oxide Package and Reaction Furnace Package Sulphur Recovery Unit

thermal oxide package and reaction furnace package sulphur receovery unit

We are authorized under the ASME pressure vessel code, a measure of our commitment to the highest quality standards. We hold ASME stamps for U, NB and R categories, and our welders can perform all work associated with these certifications.

Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

tube bundles heat exchangers

Whatever the distillation or filtering requirement of the vessel, including batch or continuous operation, we can build a column to meet most application needs. These columns can be built in a variety of sizes and can be furnished for atmospheric pressure, or designed for internal and external pressure.

Vapor Recovery Unit Interstage Scrubbers

vapor recovery unit interstage scrubbers
  • Bases
  • Exhaust diffusers
  • Plenums
  • Inlet Ducts
  • Exhaust Ducts
  • Exhaust Casings
  • Inlet Collectors
  • Exhaust Collector
  • Air Intake Manifolds for gas turbines
  • Piping
  • Vessels
  • Small high alloy parts