Rubber Seals

Rubber Seals

Die – Cutting Gasket

Die Cutting

The DIE CUTTING DEPARTMENT which produces gaskets obtained by punching and die-cutting. Originally created to support the moulding department, it then branched out manufacturing its own range of products; this department utilizes a series of mechanical cutters and automatic oleodynamic cutting machines. Recently, cutting machines operated entirely by computerised systems have been added. At present, we produce more than 2.500 different articles, mainly in asbestos-free materials, destined to motor and plant systems industries, with a particular specialization in the motorcycle sector

Gaskets with Insert

We produce rubber-metal, rubber-plastic and rubber-textile gaskets, ensuring an excellent attachment with the insert and in respect of the smallest tolerances. The whole production process is carried out internally: in our TREATMENT DEPARTMENT are performed all the preparation and adhesivation operations of the inserts which are subsequently moulded both by transfer and injection. Our main articles with inserts are: shock absorbers, vibration dampers, self-lubricating bearings, impellers for pumps, moulded or performed rubbercloth membranes, obturators for valves and solenoid valves, flexible couplings, cylinder pistons, pressure reducers …

O ring

We produce and stock in our WAREHOUSE, ready to be delivered to clients, a wide range of O-Rings both standard in NBR 70 Shore A Black, FPM 70 Shore A Green and VMQ 70 A Shore Red and special such as NBR 40÷90 Shore A, FPM 50÷90 Shore A Green, Black or Brown, EPDM 50÷80 Shore A sulphur and/or peroxide vulcanized, HNBR Green or
Black. CR, VMQ 40÷80 Shore A, FFKM, FVMQ, NR …

Parabolic Dampers

Ribbed Rubber slab

Rubbber Gaskets

Shock Absorber