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Products: Compressor stations, Turbines, Filtration equipment, Piping, Flanges, Valves, Fittings, Joints, Skids, Heat Exchangers, Instrumentation, Installation and Maintenance, Turn-key installation, Engineering, Auxiliary systems, Gas Stations, Drilling Equipment.

Go-On Group is pleased to welcome you on its equipment portal. We are a dynamic and consolidated company, with a great knowledge and tradition in the Oil and Gas and Power Generation equipment.

With our passion and commitment we have developed a very strong relationship with all of our suppliers. Our partners are highly specialized and very well known companies, with all the certifications required by the major groups worldwide. With great references among the most important oil and gas’ projects, we believe our experience is a valuable advantage. Go-on Group sales offices are spread in the mains European cities (Düsseldorf, London, Utrecht and Monaco), this allow us to be mobile and close to our customers.

Our team of experts is multilingual and they can answer you in English, German, Italian, Russian and French. On your projects, you will be in direct relation with the production factories and the engineers.

We are here to follow and support you on all your needs, and bring our expertise in your projects. You will find in this website, a presentation of the products and services that we are able to supply.

Go-on Group, through Oil & Gas Equipment, helps you to thrive your business in the oil and gas industry. Our experience allows us to define the supplier that better satisfy your needs. We offer an extensive portfolio of services that starts by optimizing your process and your resources in order to make your plant more efficient. We can take care of complete installation and maintenance of plants, dismantling and re-location.

We offer a comprehensive set of high quality equipments and services to ensure performance, productivity and reduction of inefficiencies.

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